Of Mastery and Praise
Prompt from: kansaskissedlips

Castiel’s breathing hard, blue eyes misted over with arousal and doubt that still rests in the pit of his belly.  He reaches over to Sam’s rippling, tanned chest, fingers ghosting over the dark ink of the tattoo that contrasts so strikingly against the golden skin.

Sam lets out a hitched breath, his green eyes glancing at him through sandy lashes. The younger Winchester’s eyes were always a source of curiousity for the angel; for a man with such a dark past, a child who was destined to become the “boy king”, who was crafted by both heaven and hell to become the Devil’s perfect vessel…he still yet had such an earnest, sincere heart.  And it showed, glowing through the shimmering, emerald gaze.  

The angel let his hands run down towards the hunter’s abdomen, curving over the toned muscle, slowly brushing over his sides and finally sliding over the firm behind. Sam bites his lips, frame trembling as Castiel becomes bolder and gently squeezes his rather round ass.

A part of the angel knows that the boy is struggling not to lose control, his body still burning with the need to dominate and make things his own. But that is not what Castiel intends. Not at all.

“I marked you, Sam,” Castiel says, reaching a hand over to lightly dust over Sam’s ribs. The taller man shudders, arching towards the touch. “I wrote my song of praise, etched my prayers into your bones.” His fingers hover over a small, perked nipple, and Sam squirms in lust and frustration. Castiel gives it a small pinch before moving his hand away.

Suddenly, his hold on Sam’s ass becomes harsher, and the hunter lets out a strangled moan. “But I also wrote my mastery over you. Because you are mine, Sam Winchester.” Sam whimpers, falling on his knees as he nuzzles the angel’s thighs.

"Yes," Sam says, pulling down Cas’s zipper. "Yours."